Braainy’s software has been rearranging the Danish market thanks to a strategic partnership with APACTA – a Scandinavian provider of time registration, quality assurance and material control solutions for craftsmen, started back in 2015. Since 2018 we have helped more than 1000 companies to automate their daily financial, payroll and time management processes. Our team managed to develop and implement various types of cross-platform solutions, all shaped according to the client’s needs and specific requirements.

Time and product registration

Digital time and product recording make everyday work
easier for more than 1000 companies.

Case management

Digital case management that facilitates the working day.

Material match

Material Match brings together all your suppliers' products in one place. Get a clear overview of the best prices, optimize your purchases, become more competitive.

Invoice control

Keep track of agreed prices by automatical verification of invoices. We make sure that price matches the fixed price without the risk of losing money.

Go Smart

An elegant solution for a time management system, based on location check-in.

Be transparent

Easily share project data with co-workers, managers and clients

Stay paperless

Fulfil, send and store all of the documents needed with several clicks. Keep it easier, keep it greener.

Keep it safe and accessible

We provide a fully cloud-based solution to the clients' needs