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Custom & dedicated services

Don't lose an opportunity to scale your business due to limited resources. We offer you to cut the cost, keep the IT talents within your company and be flexible. By choosing our custom software development services you will use the knowledge of high-skilled IT professionals, with a deep understanding of the cutting-edge web technologies.

In long term perspective, you could rely on us for setting up your own outsource development team. Allow us to take care of the payroll, hardware and the legal part - just go as agile as possible. Our HR team has a strong background in recognizing and engaging top European IT talents, which is expertise you could count on.

Mobile Development

Creating functional, sustainable and well-shaped custom-made mobile applications is something we do skillfully. Thanks to our full-featured cross-platform and hybrid mobile applications, you could now put the

business in your pocket, regardless of the mobile platform that you prefer. iOS, Android or Progressive web application - you name it. We will build the proper solution and execute it for you.


We know that your business needs are unique. And that is why we will shape the software all according to the systems you need to use. Our team has a strong background in creating integrations for the most widely used platforms. Braainy's solutions are fully compliant with various e-commerce, financial, security, document management and many other platforms.

You will be able to transfer, load and extract all the necessary information and data for your business to or from external platforms, on any device. Safety, scalability and efficiency matters - you will have it all with our integration services.

Web Development

From your initial idea to the final product, Braainy will help you throughout the process of building quality software applications according to your business needs. Whether you require a web application according to your business needs.

Whether you require a web application made from scratch or you need to improve/migrate your existing product, we have the expertise and the knowledge to deliver the solution - efficiently and on time.